Renters Insurance Coverage

A lot of people want to know how renters insurance work. With most of the questions coming from apartment renters themselves, it makes sense to understand the insurance you are buying and what is actually covered in your policy of choice. The fact remains that the protection for renters is different from the protection of homeowners, but to enjoy quality coverage both policies have to work hand-in-hand.

renters insurance coverage
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What Type Of Renters Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

The type of renters insurance coverage you need will depend a lot on your individual circumstances.

Insurance policies are to a certain extent adaptable. One of the benefits of using an expert insurance broker is that the good ones will check your existing plans to see what cover you already have. They won’t duplicate your insurance and you will end up with renters insurance coverage you actually need rather than a one size fits all policy.

You will need to decide what level of protection you want to have on your belongings. Are you going to insure them against damage done by fire, smoke and water? Some people will insure themselves against a fire but not against the damage done by the fire brigade when they put out the flames. Other issues you need to consider protecting yourself against include explosions, flood damage, earthquakes, mold/mildew, sewers or drain back-up, sink holes, termites and any other natural disasters applicable to the area you live in. If you live somewhere that hasn’t seen an earthquake in 100 years you are probably safe leaving this protection out of your policy. But if you live in California, chances are you should include it.

Another issue you need to think about is the level of protection you have on your belongings. Renter’s insurance coverage varies from company to company. You could be insured for actual cost only which is a lot lower than the replacement cost of most items. It pays to check what you are insured for as only then can you make a decision on whether you need to make a change.

Does Renters Insurance Cover All My Possessions?

The answer here depends on the policy limit that your insurance company provides. There are actually theft limits that are being imposed to specific items such as computers, high-tech gadgets, expensive jewelry and others. This is why you should read and understand the entire policy so as not to miss out on anything. Also, there are several limits per category which you should clarify with your agent or from the company. Inquire how much are the category limits if there are any and how will the limit be applied to the items that will be covered. There is also high-value items that may need a rider or an endorsement because they are not included in the policy so do check out for these things.

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